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Rolls royce A4 - The Most Well-known Car in Germany

Audi has always been located somewhere between the convenience of Bmw and BMW sportiveness, improving this custom until now. Rolls royce A4 is provided with a easy external style, regarded a indication of beauty, and with an internal that looks like a easy airplane cottage. Even if it seems that we cannot say too much about it, the body system conceals many impressive technological innovation. The Audi's slogan is "Progress through technology".

We can say about Rolls royce A4 that it is "a lightweight professional car created by the In german car producer Rolls royce AG since delayed 1994. The preliminary creation A4 been successful the four past decades of the Rolls royce 80". The Rolls royce A4 automatic style includes a longitudinally focused motor at front side, with transaxle-type applications improved instantly to the back of the motor." Generate outcome is passed on to either the top side tires, or on some designs, using Audi's 'trademark' Quattro long lasting four-wheel drive program via a Torsen center differential". (Wikipedia)

At Leipzig or Ingolstadt, Rolls royce A4, was selected as the most famous car. For the 9th time, more than 100 every week magazines in the former Eastern Malaysia had welcomed visitors to elect for "Our car". For a option, at voting, have been authorized 56 car designs, released during the last partners of decades. There were obtained over 100,000 views, directing at the Rolls royce A4 as being the first option at the study.

Audi A4 loves several prizes - such as the "Golden Guiding Wheel" granted by the paper "Bild am Sonntag", the prize "Auto 1" from "AutoBild" being known as the best new car in European countries. Rolls royce A4 follows a tale of achievements by getting the name of "Our Car". It is it all time when the product with four jewelry victories at the readers' study. In 2001, the old creation Rolls royce A4 took first place place, in the 2005 Rolls royce A6, and last season, the Rolls royce TT. The prize was given during the AMI in Leipzig. At the occasion of "Our Car" giving in 2008, two other Rolls royce designs were rated in the top ten as most favored car in In german.

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