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Buying a Kid Car Chair - Top 3 Most Popular!

If you're buying children car chairs soon then it'll be useful to know which ones are the most well-known and which ones other mother and father have found to be an excellent buy!

Well look no further, we have explored excellent and low on the net and on the standard to find you the most well-known baby car chairs around saving you hours of searching.

Here are the results...


MAXI COSI CABRIOFIX Baby Service provider Car Seat

From beginning to 13kg or up to 15 several weeks.

Good Points:

    Top rated safety measures - Aspect Security System
    Light and portable so its simple to take in and out of your car.
    Manage has 3 different roles which is simple to modify.
    Comes with a sun cover which is simple to use and put away.
    Comes with little one go support.
    Can be suitable with certain buggies such as the Mura 3 or Quinny Cart as portion of a journey program.

    Utilize is simple to modify and suits perfectly around your infant.
    Excellent storage space space in the back of the seat.
    Maximum suggestions from Which?
    Set up using the 3 factor seatbelt or by using this with the maxi dress cosi EasyFix platform.

Bad points:

    Quite expensive.
    Can't eliminate protect completely to machine clean but can sponge or cloth clean pieces which can't be eliminated.
    May not be excellent value for cash if not used as portion of a journey program or not going to taking in and out of the car regularly.

Has it won any Awards?

    Best Buy Prize & Best Value - Prima Kid & Maternity Magazine
    Silver for Best Baby Service provider - Mom & Baby
    Which? Best Buy 2009
    Gomama Today Winner
    Cabriofix & Easyfix platform - champions of Best Baby Service provider - Realistic Being a parent Prizes 2009/10.


Maxi Cosi Tobi Forward Experiencing Car Seat

From 9kg to 18kg or 9 several weeks to 3 and half decades approximately.

Good Points:

    Easy out uses, harness belt and buckles - springtime like action so they don't get in the way.
    Easy flexible seat and harness belt with one take at the top side of the seat.
    Well cushioned go pillows for maximum side protection.
    Color signal at the top side of the seat to validate your kids is properly secured properly.
    There are 5 different postioned roles with simple one hand function.
    Set up by using a 3 factor car belt program - simple to set up.
    Is in accordance to ECE R44/04 rules.
    Value for cash - can last for a few decades.

Bad Points:

    Quite expensive.
    Place of baby can be quite excellent up - some may see this as an advantage.
    May need to use your legs to protected the seat while shrinking the car seatbelt.

Has it won any Awards?

    Best Buy 2009 - FQ Magazine
    Best Buy Child Car Chair - Mom & Kid Show
    Best Buy 2008 - Realistic Parenting
    Mom & Kid Silver Prize 2008/09


Britax Evolva 1-2-3 Plus Car Seat

From 9kg to 36 kg or approximately 9 several weeks to 12 decades.

Good Points:

    5 factor click and safe sensible harness program.
    Adapts as your kids develops - the seat and harness adjusts to match your child's size.
    Strong and gently cushioned side pizza for maximum side protection.
    The seat protect can be eliminated quickly and with convenience for cleaning.
    There is a take out consume owner and treats plate.
    It offers straight and lie down roles for extra convenience.
    Best value for cash - it can last from 9 several weeks to 12 decades.
    Simple to fit in many different scaled vehicles.
    The child's go is reinforced well.
    Adjustable side pizza.

Bad points:

    The harness and belt is quite difficult and the harness needs to organised in a certain way to be fixed into the belt.
    There are only two configurations, lie down and seated position.

Has it won any Awards?

    Realistic Being a parent Best Buy
    Kid Equipment Silver Prize 2006
    Realistic Being a parent Silver 2009/10
    Mom & Kid Silver Prize 2009

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